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Homework can be a valuable time to practice skills and develop responsibility.  A typical night of homework includes:

Everyday Math Study Link assigned for completion on the next school day.  Many of the study links have an answer key.  The best model of this resource is for the student to complete the work independently and then a parent or other trusted adult uses the family letter key to check for understanding.  Misunderstandings should be noted so that they may be addressed in class on the following school day.  These assignments are not graded but credit is required and given for attempting all of the problems.  On many of these pages there are review computation problems at the bottom to maintain acquired skills.  Credit is given using the I CAN rubric:




Reading Log consists of students reading at least 25 minutes per night.  The reading can be an assignment from school, a self-selected piece, or a magazine or newspaper.  Having said that, I think it is important and necessary to pick out just-right ,or ocassionally, challenging selections and stick with these to completion to develop strong reading skills.  The student then lists the title of the reading selection on the day in the planner and the amount of time that passed during the reading session.  The parents should check this planner and sign or initial to show that they have checked it.  Weekly there will be entries in their reading journals that go into deeper sharing of their reading tendencies and thoughts.